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Janome 415
Domestic Sewing Machine

Janome 415

Auto-declutch bobbin winder system 
Simply put the thread to the bobbin, place it on the bobbin winder slit and press on the foot controller to wind the bobbin. The machine finishes the bobbin winding automatically and no mistakes even for beginners.

Stitch Length & width adjustment lever
These levers can adjust stitch feed also be balanced with the lever.

Convenient one-hand thread cutter
Since threads are cut neatly you can easily sewing again without the trouble of tangled threads or unthreaded needle.

Built-in needle threader 
Make needle threading easier and there's no strain on your eyes.

Quick foot conversion
Just touch the bar to remove the foot and simply lower the presser foot holder onto a sewing foot.

Sewing on heavy weight-fabrics
With heavy-duty presser foot lifter and high needle penetration power, heavy weight fabric can be sewn  smoothly without jamming

Drop Feed Lever
Drop feed lever, for easy lowering of the feed dogs for free motion sewing, is located underneath the free arm bed.

Extension Table
The extension table widens the sewing area. Sewing accessories are easily and conviently stored underneath extension table.

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