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HYH-1705 (Accumulating type Automatic Operation Cutting Machine)
Highply Cutting Machine

HYH-1705 (Accumulating type Automatic Operation Cutting Machine)

Assembled in China, the low-cost automatic cutting machine maintains high-accuracy and high-speed performance cutting while keeping running cost to a minimum and enabling ease of operation. Moreover, unparalleled levels of reliability are achieved through use of precision electronic and operation parts, most of which are made in Japan.

Suction conveyor system : By improving the conveyor structure and suction mechanisms, quick and accurate material transportation is implemented.
Absorption stabilization system : Changes in suction power are controlled via sensors during cutting. The machine self-adjusts to maintain the optimal level of suction. The suction force will be adjusted to deal with delicate material or foam material.
Knife cooling equipment : By spraying the knife cold, adherence of materials is avoided.

Tank-type vacuum box
By putting the conveyor in a vacuum box, the vacuum efficiency is improved, noise is lowered and power is saved.
Foil-type grinding equipment
Grinding is uniformly done to keep the knife sharp and long lasting.
Inverter controlled power-saving vacuum motor
The optimal vacuum power for each material is adjusted by the vacuum motor, saving power at the same time,
Self-diagnosis function
When the machine stops, the cause is displayed on the monitor.

  • There are 5 lamination types at compression: 10, 30, 50, 75 110mm.
  • There are 3 material widht: 2000mm, 2300mm.
  • Conveyor type cutting table: There are 2 table length: 1200mm and 3300mm

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