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Fashion Designing System Software


What is TexPrint 

Recent desire for more environment-friendly clothings and effort to decrease waste water from textile printing process has led to development of Digital Textile Printing system, which directly prints your designs to the fabric.
When first introduced to the market, DTP system was considered as a epochal system which can replace existing conventional way of textile printing process. Also it could settle problems that conventioanl process have left us such as limitation in color saturation, waste water, pollution. Due to its superbness, several textile printing companies tried early-adopting DTP system. However, the time required to print textile products with DTP system being much longer than previous ways, difficulties in color-matching, and too complicated process for a designer to operate were obstructing DTP system from being widespread as expected. Unless given color profiles, lots of experience and education were essential to make good color matching and to use right ink for each fabric. 

TexPrint, created to solve problems arising from design developing using Digital Textile Printing, is a program specialized for DTP design supporting full color design with no limitation in color saturation and mass production of textile designs. It is a program that meets every demand of today's time, which enabling high-sensitive design developing. 

Areas of designs

  • Built-in various design tools supporting high quality, high resolution designs.
  • Supports large designs up to 32inch X 32inch.
  • Supports Tiff file format for Lab colors.
  • Realizing optimal color separation table which can be used in preexisting textile printing procedure.
  • Enabling to develop trendy designs with more-than-ever various colors.
  • Easy editing and modifying the original design.
Multifarious color support and managing
  • With our LAB Color Gemut table, there's no color change or dither when saving designs to Tiff format in RGB color environment.
  • Giving different color library for different type of fabric.
  • Various color profiles suited for each uncolored fabric.
  • Presenting exact color by optimal fabric-dye color matching.
Economical ripple effect by producing accurate desings
  • Compatible with all kinds of digital printers.
  • Perfect color compatibility with other digital printing S/W.
  • Increasing production efficiency with network printing and real-picture printing.
  • Free from existing production process, one can produce full color designs expressing various colors. This will lead to division of duties and high value-added production.
  • Capable of developing designs with various colors, TexPrint enables your company to provide high quality designs to your buyers. This differentiation from other companies will maximize your profit.
  • With TexPrint, you can save time, money and inventory costs because you can produce various products in a small-scale. You can reach rationalization of management with TexPrint.

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