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Fashion Designing System Software


What is the TexPro 

TexPro stands for Textile and Professional, meaning technology that lets fashion and textile designers express textile and design beautifully & efficiently. 
The ongoing development of technologies has yielded remarkable results in all industries including textile and fashion. Particularly Computer Aided Design (CAD) has been widely used in design and planning field in the textile & fashion industries, also its applications are to be expanded further. As the best outcome of the improvement in computer technology and related industries, TexPro is a perfect solution for prompt and accurate design fashion design required for planning and manufacturing textile/ fashion /garment products and printed cloth, knitted fabric and yarn dyed fabric as well as color way job. 
By substituting manual design process and improving the efficiency in fast and precise job procedures, TexPro ensures enhanced productivity and streamlining of management while contributing to the development of new materials and fashion designs as well as manufacturing of high value-added products. 

Print design
  • With cutting-edge technology, precise color analysis of scanned images is available.
  • Realistic color arrangement with multi-color way function reduces the processing time remarkably.
  • Auto Repeat function enables various creative designs.
Fashion design
  • Easy & quick design by using style combination of data-based style details.
  • With vector line, efficient development and modification of style is available.
  • State-of-the-art fashion design data is supported via regular upgrade.
  • Provides various fonts for logo design and goods design such as neckties, bags and hats is available.
3D mapping design
  • By pre-checking the design of final products through 3D mapping, the efficiency of product planning and marketing is maximized.
  • Accurate draping according to the accurate proportion of patterns offers work environment of designing a real product.
  • Preparation of catalog samples for interior products is easy and diverse.
Weave design
  • With embedded more than 500 kinds of texture and data for basic yarns, diverse and easy performance of simulation is available.
  • The solution calculates the warp and weft density automatically according to the yarn thickness and scanned image of yarn is also usable.
  • It’s easy to express the texture of woolen & worsted, and the final product can be checked prior to sampling by adjusting the treatment effect such as seersucker.
  • Design of dobby, jacquard textile is available.
  • Auto work sheet includes yarn arrangement, texture design, amount of yarn, product data sheet, etc.
Knit design
  • Various knit designs are available (4~40 gauge).
  • Diverse melange, fancy yarns, knit patterns, and cables are easily expressed.
  • Measurable of the amount of yarn consumed for knits and compatible with production equipments via various printing functions of production data.
  • The user convenience of the system is maximized, compared to other CAD programs.
  • The vector-mode design tools guarantee high-quality results.
  • By interoperability with TexWork, TexTricot, TexStylist, Tex3D and other graphic design programs, reduce operation time and production costs considerably.
  • Systematic design management and precise product planning allow the liberal expression of ideas and also enhance customer’s trust on the product.
  • Thanks to the streamlined workload, designers can come up with more creative ideas; thus contributing to more efficient and rational management.

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